One Stop Realty is a company enthusiastic about Las Vegas and its surrounding communities, and entirely focused on giving the tenants and property owners we work with the absolute best-quality service.

Portrait happy Hispanic family sitting with house in backgroundOur team is made up of exceptionally skilled and highly experienced property-management and real-estate experts. This adds up to a group that can handle anything to do with rental and management services.

We know how to listen to tenants to find out just what they’re looking for in a home—not just to help them locate the best property in our care, but to ensure that property keeps delivering for them each and every day of their tenancy.

And we manage each property by taking into careful consideration the ideas and requirements of its owner.

Giving all of our clients as individualized a service as possible has helped us improve our skills and grow our business. From downtown Las Vegas to the edges of Henderson, we proudly stand behind our lineup of properties and our everyday service.