One Stop Realty helps property owners with all the complicated, time-consuming, and sometimes stressful aspects of managing income property in greater Las Vegas.

InterviewWe’ll meet with you to learn more about your property and about your hopes and dreams for it as an investment. After that discussion and an expert assessment of the place, we’ll define a management strategy with your input and then take care of all the nuts-and-bolts of making it happen.

Whether it’s efficiently advertising a vacancy through the most promising routes, screening potential tenants with thorough background checks, or collecting rent and performing walk-throughs, we have the experience and skills to carry out each and every aspect of property management.

We also take good care of your property by making sure all the necessary maintenance, upkeep, and repairs are done by the finest licensed professionals in Las Vegas.

Get in touch with One Stop Realty to find out more about the wonderful possibilities of your investment property!